Plastic Car


I talked to Sherry Marshall from the Oklahoma Museum Network today and she shared a little magnet experiment with me. She said she had been carrying around some neodymium magnets in her pocket that one day she was sitting in her car and got to wondering if she could use the magnets to search for metal components. She started running the magnets over everything in the car looking for metal and couldn’t find anything but a couple mounting screws in the stereo. Surprisingly, the interior of her car was almost entirely made up of other materials.


It’s all okay


Hey there, I just wanted to mention, in response to a couple questions I received, that if you didn’t get a chance to post about any of the previous challenges and you still want to, it’s not too late! If you experimented with any of these things, anytime, in any way, then we want to hear about it.

From the Mail


Here are the original instructions mailed to participants, with a fortune teller with ideas about how to proceed with explorations. If you print them out the fortune teller will have to be folded, and yes, it is cheating to read the whole thing without folding it.

mission instructions

fortune teller

folding instructions