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I am the Day Camp Warden and Facilitator at Science Museum Oklahoma and I like pickles and clowns.

Foiled again!!!

Foiled again

Did You Ever? Science Museum Oklahoma 2011 Camper explores the ability of foil to keep out teacher directions to build a moon colony and instead build an alien fish cosmonaut helmet…it worked, the foil kept out the pesky teacher directions and left this camper free to build something just as rad!!!


Lose Your Marbles

At the Did You Ever? Summer Camp at Science Museum Oklahoma I had our apprentices hand out a marble to each camper with these simple instructions: “Do something you’ve never done with a marble before, and since you’ve probably put one in your mouth or nose in the past those things don’t count.” We did this during our play on the exhibit floor time in the Tinkering garage, and here’s some photos of what happened…losing your marbles, marble on top of a shaky cup tower, who’s got the marble on their head game, and marbles driving lego cars…