Exploding Bubbles

Hah, made you look!  We used to do a show where we filled bubbles out of hydrogen gas and exploded them.  I didn’t actually do this, but I really want to learn how…

So, I’ve had this little bottle of bubbles sitting on my desk, taunting me all week.  The worst part, is that my office is right next to our Bubble-ology exhibit and every time I have to go on the floor I have to walk through the bubble room.  Bubbles are by far the most popular exhibit at ScienceWorks.  Once this week when I was walking through the bubble room a girl had a straw and she was using it to blow bubbles on the surface of the bubble goop tray.  Pretty cool!

Here are a couple of favorite bubble “things”:

We like to give visitors the challenge of getting their head through the bubble wall without popping the bubble and without getting their heads wet.  Tada!  Window through the bubble wall!

This is just for fun.  Everyone loves to put themselves inside the bubble.  Fun to talk about WHY it sucks in on you – minimal surface tension : )

Thanks to my son, Ke’ale, for helping me with pictures!