Black Sand is one of my favorite…

…exhibits. Blows my mind! So simple, but there’s something so satisfying to run your hands through the sand and play with the patterns you get. I’ve messed around with other magnetic-field visualizers, but this one feels like a step above…

Here is a new clip uploaded to ExploTV from Ken Finn about where we get our black sand ~ I remember my first time dragging for it in Ocean Beach, and it felt magical to be able to connect it directly to the exhibit when I got back to the Exploratorium.

(if you like a little California geography & Geology, the first two minutes.  Black Sand = 2 minutes onward)


1 thought on “Black Sand is one of my favorite…

  1. thx to Modesto for showing me this beach, so beautiful. he thoughtfully brought a cow magnet, and I could only imagine how cool it would be to do some serious mining with a scaled-up attractor! the sand was so different from South Texas, but the serenity of the beach was very familiar…

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